Mike Kussman Net Worth

Mike Kussman Net Worth: Biography, Spouse and, Body Measurements

Mike Kussman is a furniture designer and woodworker. He has been designing and building custom furniture for many years, and his work can be found worldwide.

Mike’s designs are handcrafted from local hardwoods like cherry, walnut, maple, cypress, and pine. His passion is creating beautiful pieces of functional art that will last for generations.

He has successfully built his clientele by offering them custom pieces that are designed specifically for their needs.

Mike Kussman Net Worth

Net worth is always hard to tell because there are different variables. Mike Kussman has created a successful business that will only continue growing in the coming years.

Mike Kussman’s net worth is estimated to be at 1 million dollars. This amount is only going to grow as his business continues to expand. He charges top dollar for his custom pieces, but people are willing to pay for his unique style and craftsmanship.

Mike Kussman Biography

Mike Kussman was born in the United States. He grew up in a family of craftsmen, so it was natural for him to pursue a career in woodworking. After completing high school, he studied furniture design.

He then worked as a journeyman carpenter and cabinetmaker, learning to become a fine furniture craftsman. He later moved to Raleigh and started his own business called SLTWTR Co.

It was quickly apparent that he had a knack for designing and building custom furniture with an eye for craftsmanship.

Since then, his client list has grown to include some of the finest homes in North Carolina. Mike also enjoys passing on his knowledge to the next generation of furniture makers.

Mike Kussman Spouse

When two people are seen together constantly, it is only a matter of time before rumors start. The same has been confirmed for Mike Kussman, who appears to have a relationship with actress Danielle Nicolet.

The two have frequently been seen together at events and red carpet appearances. Neither has confirmed or denied the rumors, but it is clear that they have a strong connection. They have no children together to date, but this may change in the future.

Mike Kussman Height, Weight, and Body Measurements

Mike Kussman is a private person and does not share this information with the public. This is common among high-profile celebrities and businesspeople.

It isn’t easy to find accurate weight, height, or body measurements. He is seen to live a healthy lifestyle, so it is safe to say that he is in good shape.

Mike Kussman Social Media

As with most celebrities and public figures, Mike Kussman is active on social media. He likes to post pictures of his family and new pieces he designs and builds.

These images give people a glimpse into his personal life and his professional one.

Since he has such a strong fan base, he needs to maintain an online presence. You can find him on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.


Mike Kussman is a successful furniture designer and woodworker who has worked hard to get where he is today. He has inspired people worldwide with his unique style of fine craftsmanship.

If you are looking to commission a custom piece built specifically for your needs, he is the person you need to contact.

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