Blakelee Ortega

Blakelee Ortega: Bio, Age, Early Life, Net Worth, and Fitness Journey

Blakelee Ortega Biography and early life

Blakelee Ortega has been an inspiration for many bodybuilders globally. She is a Physical Therapist Assistant and a professional IFBB Pro WPD who started her fitness journey with enough passion before becoming a global sensation.

She is a born and bred-American female bodybuilder who highly values her privacy since she has never formally named her parents.

Blakelee has steadily gained a following on social media, but she has found a way of benefiting society with her following.

She has been reported to believe social media assistance to be “inauthentic” and that across her platforms, she tries to be more honest and natural.

She also uses her platform to educate the public on the right ways to exercise and the right forms of diet to eat to build muscles.

Blakelee Ortega Career

As common sense dictates, becoming a bodybuilder isn’t something you achieve overnight. It literally needs several hard-working hours combined with discipline and consistency to push body limits.

Blakelee is no exception; she dedicated her life to setting high expectations and breaking them with every milestone. Her journey was full of many disappointments before she ever got satisfying results.

Her husband got her started on workouts after meeting in the gym in 2012. In her early life, she never liked sports at all and preferred to be in a band (she played plates in high school).

When she started working out, she got hooked, and the rest is history. She has become a social media sensation, with motivation oozing from all her hard work at the gym.

With proper workout, diet routines and management, and training sessions, she was able to climb her ladder slowly but surely.

She became more productive and started climbing the ladder to become one of the most beautiful and muscular fitness models.

Blakelee Ortega Family

Her husband, Brian Ortega, was an upcoming UFC fighter on the verge of breaking out into UFC stardom, but it was cut short when he lost to Max Holloway. After the fight, he chose to reset and continue.


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Blakelee went to a local high school, where she graduated and joined an unknown college. Due to her carefully guarded privacy, her college school and higher education details are not precisely public knowledge.

Blakelee Ortega Net worth

Her net worth is $40,000 – $55,000 US Dollars, and she has her physical therapist job as her primary income source.

However, she enjoys a luxurious life because of her husband’s wealthy gains from NFC tournaments.

He is a recently emerged super heavyweight NFC fighter after taking a break a few years ago after losing a tournament to Max Holloway.

Blakelee Ortega’s Fitness journey

She used to weigh about 120 pounds back then and was a petite girl. When she began her sporting life, about five years ago, she began her bodybuilding career and a week later joined the women’s physique championships because she loved lifting heavy. So far, competed twice in the women’s physique division with a dream of earning a pro card.


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Training and workout

Blakelee works on resistance training, focusing on perfect form and slow increments. With her several videos on youtube about how to train better, many aspiring athletes look up to her to guide them into women’s physique championships.

She trains six days a week and takes on everyday challenges with the perfect smile. She believes in patience with training, especially if you train the right way. Her Instagram and other social media podiums are populated with video instructions on training better and growing steadily.

Blakelee Ortega Relation

Blakelee is in a loving marriage with Daniel Ortega, but her marriage date is not publicly disclosed due to her privacy.

She has kept her family life private and prefers social curtains between the public and her life. As such, her parent’s details are not publicly known, and it is no information she is willing to part with any time soon.

Blakelee Ortega Age

She was born in 1994 and will be turning 28 in 2022. She hopes to gain more height in the bodybuilding arena in her young yet thriving career.

Blakelee Ortega Height, weight, body measurement

As of 2021, she weighed 150lbs or 68kg and stands at 5’8″

Blakelee Ortega Social media

Social media has helped Blakelee grow her brand and career and earned her lustrous popularity in social media. On Instagram, Blakelee has 84.3k Followers, 465 Following, and 328 Posts.

She is very vibrant on Youtube (Muscle Angels), where she has 12.2 thousand subscribers and at least 30 fun videos about her life as a bodybuilder and how to do exercises properly.

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