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Larry Wheels: Bio, Age, Net Worth, Girlfriend, Real Name, and Facts

A Bio of Larry Wheels

Larry “Wheels” Williams is a strong athlete known for powerlifting. As a child, he grew up in the foster care system in New York City.

Later he went to live with his mother on Saint Martin, an island in the Caribbean Sea. Since he did not speak the local language, he spent much time lifting weights.

He did not attend school at this time since the only English school in the area was too expensive for him to attend. When Larry Wheels first started lifting weights, he had no proper equipment.

Instead, he used a broom with cinder blocks on each end. He began doing this when he was fourteen years old.

When he was fifteen, he and his mother moved back to New York City. He got a job at a local restaurant to pay for a gym membership in the Bronx. Once there, he realized he was stronger than everyone else.

Today Larry Wheels is considered one of the world’s strongest men, if not the strongest.

What is Larry Wheels’ real name?

His real name is Larry Williams. Wheels is a nickname.

How old is Larry Wheels?

He is currently 28 years old. He was born on December 3, 1994. This makes him a Sagittarius.

What are Larry Wheels’ measurements?

He weighs 270 pounds. His body measurements are 44-34-38.

He is 6 feet and 1 inch tall. In other words, his height is 185.5 centimeters. Also, he wears size 12 shoes.

What is Larry Wheels’ career like?

Larry Wheels is most well-known for being an accomplished powerlifter. Many people consider him to be the strongest human on the planet. He became a professional powerlifter in the year 2017.

He broke two records in his first year of powerlifting. When this happened, he received lots of attention. Everyone wanted to learn who this new lifter was and how he had become so strong.

As a result, he became famous. Now, many brands have sponsored Larry Wheels in exchange for promoting their products. This is just one of his income streams.

After becoming famous, he started the Training Wheels Program. This teaches people how to build muscle and strength. He also owns the fitness clothing brand Personal Record Lifestyle.

What are some other Larry Wheels facts?

Larry Wheels says his idol is Arnold Schwartzenegger. The two met each other in 2018. Wheels also said he is a fan of the actor Vin Diesel.

Larry Wheels has admitted to using steroids. This caused controversy. Some praised him for being honest, while others think the records he broke should be considered meaningless.

Wheels claim he no longer uses steroids. He says that he suffered terrible side effects. He was a user of Trenbolone, Dianabol and Superdrol.

What is Larry Wheels’ net worth?

His net worth is estimated at least $750,000, possibly more than that.


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Where is Larry Wheels from?

Larry Wheels is originally from New York City, though he also spent some years childhood on the Caribbean island Saint Martin.

Who is in Larry Wheels’ family?

He spent many of his childhood years in different foster homes. He has also lived with his mother but not with his father. Currently, he is unmarried and has no children.

Do Larry Wheels have a Wiki page?

Larry Wheels does not have his page on Wikipedia at this time. That being said, he is listed on several other pages. For instance, he is mentioned in the article “2019 Europe’s Strongest Man.”

Do Larry Wheels have a girlfriend?

His current girlfriend is Nicole Drinkwater. Previously, he dated the female bodybuilder Chalisa King. She claims he was physically abusive and cheated on her with both men and women alike.

Larry Wheels has denied these allegations and accuses King of lying about him. No charges have been filed.

How tall is Larry Wheels’ girlfriend?

Nicole Drinkwater is 5 feet and 5 inches tall. According to the metric system, she has a height of 164 centimeters.

What is Larry Wheels’ ethnicity?

Larry Wheels is multiracial and African American.

What records does Larry Wheels hold?

He set a world record for powerlifting: 2,275 pounds. Later, he beat his record by reaching 2,370 pounds.

Who did Larry Wheels arm wrestle with?

On February 6, 2022, Larry Wheels participated in an arm-wrestling match with the famous Mr. Olympia Mamdouh “Big Ramy” Elssbiay. Mr. Olympia won the match.

What size are Larry Wheels’ arms?

His biceps are 18 inches.

What gym does Larry Wheels train at?

Larry Wheels has trained at many different gyms over the years. Recently, he has been spotted working out at Binous Gym in Dubai.


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Is Larry Wheels Natty

Larry Wheels is not a “natty” or natural bodybuilder. He has admitted to abusing steroids in the past. He claims he stopped using them before he began competing, but many accuse him of lying.

What is Larry Wheels’ squat record?

His record is 870 pounds. That’s 395 kilograms.

What is Larry Wheels’ workout?

He works out six days a week and targets a different muscle group daily. On Mondays, he works out his chest. He does this with bench presses, lat pulldowns, and a pec deck machine.

He adds a machine row routine on Tuesdays to work out his back. On Wednesday, he does a behind-the-neck shoulder press to improve his shoulders. He does squats for his legs on Thursday and cable curls for his arms on Friday.

What is Larry Wheels’ diet?

Larry Wheels eats eight or nine meals daily and has multiple supplements.

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