Ranya Dally

Ranya Dally: Bio, Age, Dating, Net Worth, Career, and Fitness Journey

Fitness is a valuable aspect of our lives, and in its simplicity, it is a concept that requires an understanding of your body’s goals and demands consistency.

Ranya Dally is a fitness model, an Instagram star, a female bodybuilder, and a physical athlete who built a fitness career.

This article breaks down Ranya Dally’s fitness journey, her social life, and every aspect at play in between.

Ranya Dally’s Personal and Work Profile

Ranya Dally is a female fitness model who hails from San Diego, California, and she currently lives in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Ranya Dally was born on 1st October 1997 and is a twenty-four-year-old whose brother is a naval pilot and has not disclosed more concerning her family.

She is in a relationship with her boyfriend and life partner, Anthony Roberto, who is also into fitness and a dog mom to a sweet cream-whitish Standard Poodle.

Ranya studied a Hospitality Management program at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, and graduated with a GPA of 3.64 in the Hospitality College.

She has an athletic background and was a dancer for six years doing ballet, hip-hop, jazz, and contemporary dancing before falling in love with fitness, bodybuilding, and weight lifting.

Ranya has since competed in several competitions for bodybuilding and powerlifting, which are activities that she fell in love with upon first hitting the gym.

Her professional journey started with an internship with Station Casinos during her education period.

Her work journey started with a summer job as a cocktail server at Vdara Hotel & Spa Las Vegas and a banquet server at the Resorts World Las Vegas.

She is an influencer who promotes brands on her Instagram page for brands majoring in sports and fitness clothing. Her net worth remains unknown as she has kept her income private.

Ranya Dally Digital and Social Interaction Platforms

Ranya Dally started a YouTube Channel in 2019 to advise girls who are starting to visit the gym about what activities to partake in their fitness journey.

She is on Instagram, where she documents bits of her personal life, interacts with fans, markets bikinis and other fitness clothing, and posts on her fitness modeling career.

On Facebook, Ranya has curated a space where she has posted information about her hospitality career and finally posts on LinkTree and TikTok her model fitness and athlete journey.


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Ranya Dally Body Structure

Ranya embodies a muscular giantess with a touch of feminine essence and glam, which is super strong and into muscles.

She is a white woman with long black hair and brown eyes, a height of five feet and three inches, and weighs 180 lbs, approximately 87Kgs.

She has broad shoulders, big biceps, huge forearms, a broad back, distinct hamstrings, and a strong muscular physique with a waist to complete her look.

Ranya has an athletic body that propels her in her athletic career of powerlifting and bodybuilding, which has been present since her ballet days.

The strong core and masculine features are a dream she has always wanted, and living in her dreams daily boosts her confidence about her body.

Her body is a powerhouse whose physique embodies strength, flexibility, agility, endurance, and muscular full-body composition.

Consistency in the Fitness Journey

Every fitness journey requires discipline, endurance, perseverance, and consistency, the core ingredients of finding your limit and surpassing it.

Ranya Dally’s fitness journey started in college when she realized that she would not be a dancer for the rest of her life and decided to go to the gym to build her strength and lift weights.

Three years into her fitness journey, she has ventured into her niche, bodybuilding, and powerlifting, which contributes to her end goal of building a powerhouse body.

Consistency and accountability go hand in hand to ensure a successful fitness journey which Ranya Dally has incorporated into her six-week workout challenge program.

The program seeks to empower all individuals, whether they are athletes or beginners, regardless of the levels they are at in their fitness journeys.

The program runs under an exclusive community where members strive to achieve their body’s strength and build while holding each other accountable.

The training requires access to the gym and lasts five days a week with two rest days and a grand prize for the participants who emerge in the top three positions at the end of the program.

Muscle building and full-body workouts are the two main exercises, with weekly check-ins and Q&As for guidance.

The program has demonstrations and video examples of the exercises and steps to be followed in building the powerhouse, together with the suggested nutrition guide.

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