Melissa Brodsky

Melissa Brodsky: Bio, Family, Boyfriend, Net Worth and Fitness Journey

Although men largely dominate the bodybuilding industry, some women have joined the bandwagon and are giving male bodybuilders a run for their money.

A good example is Melissa Brodsky, a fitness model and bodybuilder. She owes her success to consistency, hard work, and discipline.

The following sections will cover Brodsky’s biography about her early life, career, family, education, net worth, fitness journey, and much more.

Melissa Brodsky Early Life and Family

Although not much is known about the bodybuilder’s early life and family, Melissa Brodsky was born 24 years ago in Charleston, West Virginia.

She was raised in a humble family with strict parents, whose tough love motivated young Melissa to focus on making it in life. She grew up around boys, a fact that made her naturally strong.

Brodsky loved sports from a young age and often participated in various sporting events, particularly hockey, while in school.

Melissa Brodsky Education and Career

Melissa Brodsky was an intelligent student. She attended McDonogh School in Maryland from kindergarten to twelfth grade.

After completing her high school studies, Brodsky joined a few post-secondary institutions to pursue careers related to fitness and bodybuilding.

She joined the University of Maryland, where she has been studying dietetics. She is also a West Virginia State University student pursuing an undisclosed career.

Melissa has a successful career. She is currently a fitness model and bodybuilder based in New Jersey and holds the coveted International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness (IFBB) Pro Card.

The IFBB Pro Card is awarded to elite bodybuilders, enabling them to earn decent income and benefits as professional bodybuilders.

In addition, Melissa Brodsky has worked with various organizations as a fitness coach and consultant.

She provided her services as a personal trainer at the Jewish Community Center (JCC) in Baltimore, Maryland. Brodsky also worked as a health enthusiast at The Vitamin Shoppe in Lutherville, Maryland.

Melissa Brodsky Fitness Journey

The bodybuilder’s fitness journey started at a very young age. However, she didn’t know she had ventured into a bodybuilding career until she was much older.

Having pride in her physical strength from a young age because of growing up around many boys, Brodsky started lifting weights, running, and sticking to specific diets to increase her strength when she was 13.

At the age of 16, Brodsky hired her first fitness coach to help her improve her physical attractiveness for a bikini show. At 18, she attended two amateur bikini contests and two amateur figure competitions.

She, therefore, decided to become a full-time professional bodybuilder because she enjoyed lifting weights more than anything else.

She hired her second coach in 2016 to prepare her body for professional fitness modeling and bodybuilding. Brodsky then vowed to maintain her fitness routine to get IFBB Pro Card. In 2020, she hired another coach, Shelby Starnes, to prepare for a contest.

Brodsky won the competition and earned her IFBB Pro Card. Nine months later, she registered for a pro bodybuilding contest and emerged as number three.

Melissa Brodsky Workout and Training

Melissa Brodsky has intense workout and training routines that set her apart from her peers. She trains five to six days a week and conducts five exercises per muscle group during the on-season period.

The IFBB Pro Cardholder uses different loads and overload advanced techniques to increase weight when working out.

She relaxes her training routines during the off-season, with about two bodybuilding sessions a week and plenty of cardio. Besides sticking to workout and training routines, Brodsky has a strict diet. Her menu for breakfast is protein coffee, white eggs, spinach, rice cakes, avocado, and honey.

Melissa Brodsky’s Net Worth

The bodybuilder has a net worth of $1-$3 million, much of which came from her career as a professional bodybuilder. She has also invested in various ventures involving fitness and bodybuilding.

Melissa Brodsky Relationship

Melissa Brodsky’s relationship is unknown because she doesn’t publicize it. However, she once hinted that she is currently in a relationship with Rleighton.

Melissa Brodsky Age, Height, Weight, and Body Measurement

Melissa has an attractive body with stellar measurements for a bodybuilder. The 24-year-old bodybuilder has a height of 6 feet 3 inches and a weight of 65 Kg. Brodsky’s breast is 36″, waist 29″, and hip 38″.

Melissa Brodsky Social Media

Brodsky is famous on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, where she posts about her life and career and interacts with fans.

On Instagram alone, Melissa has 51.4k followers and 238 posts. She follows 557 people, and her posts receive many engagements within a few minutes.

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