Kassie Kemmis

Kassie Kemmis: Bio, Personal Life, Diet, and Body Building Journey

Kassie Kemmis, an American fitness professional, is not a stranger to physical activity. As a child, she had previously taken part in soccer, volleyball, basketball, and even dance.

She was influenced by her partner into getting involved in bodybuilding. His love of competing was also passed on to her, and by 2016, she became an IFBB Pro Competitor.

She can serve as an inspiration to other young girls that may want to follow in her fitness footsteps.

Kassie Kemmis Background

Starting in dancing as a child, Kassie felt that she wanted to do something more challenging for her, so she made the transition to organized sports, where she took part in soccer and basketball and then landed on volleyball, which she played during high school and also worked with younger girls as a volleyball coach.

In 2013, Kassie’s boyfriend Lance brought her with him to the NPC Emerald Cup. Kassie’s role was strict as a spectator; however, it left an impression on her.

The more competitions she accompanied him on, the more interest she gained in the sport of bodybuilding, and the more she worked on improving her own physique.

Kassie Kemmis Education

Kassie had always received enjoyment in physical fitness and health. This interest led to her future college degree.

She went on to the University of Montana, where she studied Health and Human Performance. While in college, she started working during her sophomore year at a gym.

It was there that she met Lance Fulker, a personal trainer who eventually became her boyfriend.

Kassie Kemmis Body Building Journey

Lance had been competing for ten years in various bodybuilding competitions. He was impressed with Kassie’s hard work and felt that she had the potential to be able to compete successfully in competitions of her own.

This led her to take part in the 2014 NPC Emerald Cup. Amazingly, she did extremely well. In the Open Figure class, she took 2nd place, and in the Open Physique class, she placed 4th.

In the Mixed Pairs competition, Kassie and Lance came in 3rd. This great showing inspired her to continue with and improve on the success she had received.

Kassie Kemmis Busy Senior Year

Kassie continues to work towards her fitness goals throughout her senior year of college. She stayed busy not just with school but also as a wellness coach and nutrition retailer.

Even with all of these commitments, she continued to help Lance with his clients as well as train for not just the Nationals but other competitions as well.

Kassie Kemmis Becomes Pro

Kassie received her pro card when she took part in the Figure class D in Miami, Florida, in November of 2014. She took 1st place overall in this competition. This accomplishment was so rewarding to her.

It made her reflect on all the wonderful people she has met along the journey and has also let her realize the growth she has made, not just physically but also personally.

Kassie Kemmis Professional Life

In May 2015, Kassie received her bachelor of science degree, specializing in Community Health.

Besides receiving her diploma, in 2015 also was the time she became a professional competitor as well as a Certified Health Coach.

She has been able to use all these accomplishments to help both herself and Lance in improving and growing their businesses like personal trainers.


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Kassie Kemmis Training Routine

Part of Kassie’s workout is to start with a warm-up. She feels that this benefits both her stretching and allows her increase the number of reps she can perform.

Kassie then transitions to core movement exercises. The purpose of that is to engage her abdominal muscles for the rest of her workout.

After this, she goes on to large compound exercises to activate large muscles. This may involve exercises such as barbell squats and chest presses. She then finishes with exercises that are lighter and isolated to benefit specific muscles.

Kassie Kemmis Body-Building Recommendations

When Kassie first started working out, she suffered from both knee and back pain after doing her routine.

She discovered that if she trained either bare-footed or with five-fingered webbed shoes, she did not have the pain. She also indicates that using a weight belt is also important to wear when lifting heavy weights.

Kassie Kemmis Diet And Nutrition

As with most athletes, Kassie is very careful with her diet. She eats in a clean manner and practices portioning her meals into the appropriate number of carbs, proteins, and fats that are most beneficial to her workout routine.

She does eat every two to three hours, which translates into six small meals. She does allow herself a cheat meal after her heavier workouts; however, she abstains from this if she is getting ready for a competition.

What Inspires Kassie Kemmis To Work So Hard

Kassie was very interested in bodybuilding from the start because it was something that not many people took part in, especially at the professional level.

She enjoys the challenge of working towards a goal and watching the changes that she can make in her body through all of her hard work.

Of course, she also enjoys how others react to her and her hard work. This is a very positive incentive for her.

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